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Math and science… of cooking. We all know cooking from recipes is a great way to bring math to life for our children. Colonial American cooking gave us myriad opportunities to use math facts and learn the science behind early American cooking and food storage. From soda bread, gruel, corn meal muffins, scones, and New Brunswick stew to jam making and high tea. The summer was filled with wonderful meals made by sweet little hands who learned all about adding, subtracting, multiplying fractions, and the properties of yeast, baking soda, sugar and salt while having a lot of fun.

In the past when most Koreans depended on farming for their livelihood, all family members worked in the fields from spring to fall. But when the scalding heat of summer made field work nearly impossible, everyone would take a short respite from the sizzling sun. Part of this summertime ritual was eating a carefully prepared, nutritious meal meant to build stamina and cool the body: a wise and easy way to recover from fatigue and gear up for the fall harvest.

You should be careful about charging your travel expenses on your credits cards. Remember that credits cards are not free. You need to pay off all the things that you charge into your credits cards plus interest and other surge charges.

* Copy and paste the rental description into a search engine. If it shows up elsewhere consider it a scam. However…a smart crook will alter the wording so that this doesn’t happen!

There is no better way to kick start a summer than with a list of fun activities. There are endless reasons as to why many of us never get around to making time for fun activities, but all that can change with a bit of effort. A summer list will not only give you and your family something to look forward to but it will lighten your mood considerably and greatly inspire you to lead the life you have always dreamed of leading. If you have kids, do not be shy about inviting them to help make your list.

C) How continuing lessons with you in the summer will be a very unique and valuable experience that simply can’t be missed. Here is one way (of many) you can do this:

Many great spas offer discounts when you book a hotel along with a spa visit. An easy way to locate great spa packages is to look for the spa of your choice using Spa Finder. Then check an online discount travel website like Travelocity to find a hotel and spa deal. To further increase your savings, use a hotel rewards card like Marriot Rewards. Check with warehouse clubs like Costco. They often have great travel deals for members.

If you need an extra large beach bag, you have to look for what they call "whale beach bags." These are very spacious bags with lots of pockets so you can organize your things well. If you are the type who always bring lots of beachwear and toiletries when going to the beach, you will definitely need a whale beach bag. But if your are not like that, you don't have to use a large carrier like whale bags, instead a smaller one would be enough.

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